Quick Contacts

Please find the contact needed to answer any of your questions about D'Amico Catering, your next event or any of our wonderful venues. If you cannot find the right person for your immediate needs, please contact us at eventmanagers@damico.com and we will get back to you right away.

The list below is arranged in alphabetical order by last name for your convenience.

Linda Adam, Director of Catering Sales

612.238.4024 | ladam@damico.com | See Linda's Bio

Christie Altendorf, Event Planner

612.238.4012 | caltendorf@damico.com | See Christie's Bio

Katie Batz, Assistant Event Planner

612.238.4015 | kbatz@damico.com

Anne Bohnsack, Senior Event Planner

612.625.6593 | abohnsack@damico.com| See Anne's Bio

Jason Brown-Hoesing, Senior Marketing Manager

612.238.4011 | jhoesing@damico.com | See Jason's Bio

Rachel Bruzek, Cuisine and Design Manager

612.238.4014 | rbruzek@damico.com | See Rachel's Bio

Patrick Fitzgerald, Catering Sales Manager

612.238.4021 | pfitzgerald@damico.com | See Patrick's Bio

Amy Harrison, Catering Sales Manager

612.625.6838| aharrison@damico.com | See Amy's Bio

Ann Hoffer, Ace Drop Off

612.238.4016 | ahoffer@damico.com | See Ann's Bio

Samantha Hoy, Catering Coordinator

612.925.8311 | shoy@damico.com

Molly Hunz, Catering Coordinator

612.626.3616 | mhunz@damico.com

Jessica Kielblock, Senior Sales and Development Manager

612.238.4090 | jkielblock@damico.com | See Jessica's Bio

Mary Jo Lien, Front Desk Administrator

612.238.4010 | mjlien@damico.com

Amy McMonigal, Senior Event Planner

651.259.3037 | amcmonigal@damico.com | See Amy's Bio

Rachel Martenson, Catering Coordinator

239.325.1933 | rmartenson@damico.com

Rhea Merrill, Catering Sales Manager

239.325.1934 | rmerrill@damico.com | See Rhea's Bio

Bethany Papenfuss, Event Planner

612.238.4036 | bpapenfuss@damico.com

Laura Rothstein, Catering Coordinator

612.238.4023 | lrothstein@damico.com

Barb Schultz, Director of Operations

612.238.4038 | bschultz@damico.com | See Barb's Bio

Amanda Welter, Event Planner

651.259.3031 | awelter@damico.com | See Amanda's Bio

Kristen Zwieg, Senior Event Planner

612.238.4017 | kzwieg@damico.com | See Kristen's Bio