Catering Venues : Off Premise Catering

Elegant or Casual, Indoors or Out. Large or Small, Your Place or Ours...

While our signature venues are certainly appealing, there are countless other settings that might be the perfect site for your particular vision or event. We've catered parties in parks, forests, fields and lakes. In stadiums, storefronts and barns. In cottages, castles and catamarans. Our event planning staff is filled with ideas about destinations that are less traditional, as well as suggestions for how to ensure that your event will be successful no matter where it's staged. Our vast experience has taught us what works when you take your party on the road (or into your home). You can trust us to guide you through the process.

Visit our Flickr Gallery for more images of unique places.

We also are proud to preview a time lapse video of a room set-up at one of our favorite places, Aria.

Maddie and Ben Room-flip from Snowshoe Productions on Vimeo.

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